The objective is to render the shunting service under independent conditions and with a fair and non-discriminatory offer, ensuring that production efficiency is maximised, where we are present with the service.

For all shunting operations, we use specialised personnel with the necessary railway expertise to operate in compliance with current regulations, constantly assess the risk and operate the business safely.

Rail “last-mile” operations are a critical element in the efficiency and competitiveness of rail services, the natural objective being to improve the connection to the national rail network to increase the share of service-oriented rail traffic.

We offer our customers handling services for Intermodal Loading Units (UTCs) - swap bodies, containers and semi-trailers - in three possible variants.

The service is performed using lifting equipment, mobile and gantry cranes, with specific equipment for each type of UTC capable of ensuring the execution of precision handling under the safest conditions. This is why we rely on our highly trained and specialised staff. 

Our state-of-the-art fleet is used by more than one hundred specialised crane operators.

Documentation in force for contracts signed on or after 1 January 2023

We offer Rail Shunting services in addition to Handling and related services to achieve maximum efficiency in the transport chain, in view of the integrated system in which we operate as a last-mile rail service provider.

The in-house loading and unloading of freight trains at the terminals makes it possible to optimise loading and unloading times and procedures and to offer customers an all-round service.

The shunting service is currently available at the railway terminals of Verona Quadrante Europa, Bologna Interporto, Bari Lamasinata and Marzaglia, where we operate directly or indirectly as Single Shunting Operator according to the Transport Regulation Authority (ART) resolution 130/2019.  

On 06 November 2020 the National Safety Agency granted us the Single Safety Certificate in compliance with EU Directive 2016/798 and Legislative Decree 50/2019 for our rail shunting business.

Shunting contractual documents in force starting 01-01-2025

We inform you that from 1 January 2025 the current economic conditions in force in 2024 will be subject to revision in relation to the absolute change in the national ISTAT FOI index. The variation will refer to the month of December 2024 compared to the same month of 2023, as per art. 12.1 of the general contract conditions. 

Shunting contractual documents in force starting 01-01-2024