Start of the new rail Fast Corridor for Medlog between the Port of La Spezia and the Terminali Italia inland terminal in Marzaglia

The logistics and customs corridor allows the immediate transfer of containers arriving at the LSCT terminal to the Marzaglia logistics hub, where import operations are completed

The new Fast Corridor for the intermodal operator Medlog between the port of La Spezia (LSCT terminal - the Contship Italia Group's La Spezia Container Terminal) and the inland terminal of Terminali Italia - a subsidiary of Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (FS Italian Railways Group) that manages freight terminals - in Marzaglia (Modena) has now been launched.

Drawing on its experience, with 21 Fast Corridors activated to date, Circle supported Medlog (the route operator) in the steps needed to activate this “fast and monitored” logistical rail corridor, which enables the immediate transfer of containers arriving at the La Spezia port hub to the destination hub where import operations can be completed.

Milos®, the suite designed by Circle to digitise the supply chain and addressed to all intermodal logistics stakeholders, is the technological solution of choice for the management, optimisation and monitoring of the transport chain, with a special focus on the innovative customs component.

“Fast Corridor is a customs concept that is well suited to vertical modal integration processes. As a result, port stoppages, with their associated costs, are reduced and freight delivery times are made efficient. An added value for the entire supply chain, which among other things contributes to the development of the shift to rail in full compliance with European sustainable mobility targets”, announced Federico Pittaluga, Medlog's CEO.

Rail traction is provided by Medway Italia, a railway company in Msc’s intermodal network.

“The launch of this logistics corridor helps make the rail intermodal market more sustainable also for maritime transport, which until today has predominantly used road to transport goods from the port of La Spezia. Our aim is to extend the rail Fast Corridors to other terminals in our network and to other ports, to encourage the modal shift from road to rail on medium-long distances, in line with the objectives of environmental sustainability”, stated Giuseppe Acquaro, Terminali Italia’s CEO.

“The rail Fast Corridor optimises waiting times, streamlines the entire transport process through full digital services and considerably reduces pollutant emissions, in line with energy transition policies”, explained Luca Abatello, CIRCLE Group’s CEO & President.

We would like to thank the Port Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea and the Customs and Monopolies Agency for their crucial support in the project, which increases the rail link network to and from the port of La Spezia.